Zhengzhou jinshui district jinuo experimental analysis equipment


Zhengzhou jinshui district jinuo experimental analysis equipment supplies business department supplies sales department set design, development, production, sales as one of the world's largest liquid nitrogen tank manufacturers, adhering to the "focus, innovation, cooperation and development" business philosophy, the company produced liquid nitrogen tank optimal quality, lowest price, liquid nitrogen preservation time longest. The company with complete liquid nitrogen tank (2 litres to 100 litres), direct manufacturers, quality assured, aluminum alloy manufacture, good insulation effect, long service life, low nitrogen consumption, the price is reasonable, the package of mail.Our company has rich production experience, we are able to offer a liquid nitrogen container maintenance services.In our skilled professionals, with the help of we can provide service for the customer in time. Our experts to have enough experience to carry out projects, according to the requirements of our customers.Besides, we have qualified professionals can easily handle the whole welding, high coating removal and other related tasks, and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.In addition, the way we professional make us become one of the most preferred choice of our clients.

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