Wuxi ZHIFA Machinery Manufacturing


Plate&Bar cooler

This cooler uses plate and bar configuration as the above picture, which can act as Oil cooler, Gas cooler and Water cooler. Its benefits include: Up to 450 PSI and 400F Complete Thermal Engineering Available Custom Designs Available No minimum quantity Retro-Fit any Aluminum Cooler in the Marketplace Another characteristic is that it can be use in various industrial fields. Such as: Air compressors Agricultural Machinery Construction Machinery Hydraulic System Forklifts Mining Heavy truck Marine Drilling Industries Electrical transformer stations Now our coolers can be supplied for: Atlas Copco Caterpiller Duete Gardener Denver Ingersol Rand Komatsu

Charge air cooler

Commonly found in on highway trucks, charge air coolers are a very important component of the overall cooling system. Utilizing rammed air, charge air coolers supply a denser boost and inlet temperatures before entering the engine. At Zhifa, we common use plate and bar construction for increased strength and performance but not restricted to. We can also supply tube and fin as an option and cores only can be manufactured should manifolds not be available in our range.

EGR cooler

EGR(exhaust gas recirculation) cooler is used to cool off the exhaust gases before they are recirculated back into the combustion process. By cooling the gas, it helps to reduce engine emissions and improve fuel economy for commercial-duty diesel applications and provide superior heat rejection with less soot and hydrocarbon buildup. ZHIFA provide a new robust rebuild process for EGR coolers to avoid the coolant flow being inhibited and ensure the cooling effect. Utilizing T304 stainless steel tube, ZHIFA-EGR eliminates the turbulator design used in most OEM EGR coolers. Then, this new stainless steel tube is brazing welded to precise cut plates attached to the cooler housing. This new design from ZHIFA ensures that the EGR cooler will continue to operate properly even when the flow of coolant has been inhibited.