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Extruded Fender

Extruded Fender
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20 Mar 2018
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Extruded fenders are usually attached with bolts to the structure. They can be made in virtually any length then cut and drilled to suit each application. Pre-curved sections and special sizes are available on request.

Extruded fender is a simple but very wide range of fender products that he can use almost anywhere. The purpose of our product design is to hope that he can be used as a versatile product with other fender products. It is small in size and can be used as a filling for many narrow positions, and it can also be used as a docking point for small ships. We combine this product with other products from the DPN rubber fender to provide customers with integrated solutions for complex environment such as product design and installation. When a customer in a complex environment, we can design according to the specific requirements of supporting customers, through the combination of different products, for customers to design the most appropriate and most cost-effective solutions for customer reference.