Wuhan Kinsey Teng Technology Co.,Ltd.


"For over ten years our vending machines have been established in business locations throughout China We provide a range of shapes and sizes of combo drink & snack , bracelet ,shoes,umbrella machines that will vend any and all of your favorite products. Whether you're trying to start your own vending machine business, or you're simply trying to eliminate the need for two separate machines in the office, our snack and drink vending machines are perfect for you. Lifetime online and phone support comes with every machine sold, along with an extensive Two-year limited warranty. We even offer a credit card reader that enables cashless transactions, along with giving owners the ability to monitor all transactions remotely from any device that can connect to the internet It's a little known fact that 50% of all owners with KST Vending are continually expanding their businesses. So we know that your success is our success and we are committed to providing the very best in technology, training and support"

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