Progressive clinical-oriented research&development Korea's leading implant corporation Warantec has been established based on the results of a study on 'Development of NEW Dental Implant System' under the governmental project titled 'G7 Project', which was jointly cooperated between dentistry professors of Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Catholic University with the support of the Ministry of Health&Welfare in 1995. The implant company, Warantec, has been accumulating clinical data for ten years based on its products manufactured with its academically-recognized design and patented S.L.A. Sandblasted, Large-grit, acid etched technology. Its design and surface treatment technology that have been progressing over 10 years has enabled successful procedures. In addition, the company has solidified its foundation and trust by launching various types of ONEBODY Implant due to ongoing investment in R&D and quality innovation. Following that, the company launched the aesthetic model 'TAEGEUK Implant' and the diffusion model 'IU Implant System' after sustained product development. All employees of Warantec commit to endeavoring to evolve Warantec as a world-class implant company that upholds its standards of quality stability and customer trust through exhaustive and ongoing research and development.

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