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CORIANDER SEEDS EAGLE QUALITY CORIANDER SPLITS EAGLE QUALITY CORIANDER SEEDS Vishwam International is whole Coriander Seeds manufacturer exporter. Coriander Coriandrum sativum , also known as cilantro, Chinese parsley or dhania, is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. Coriander is native to regions spanning from southern Europe and North Africa to southwestern Asia. Coriander is a soft plant growing to 50 cm 20 in tall. The leaves are variable in shape, broadly lobed at the base of the plant, and slender and feathery higher on the flowering stems. The flowers are borne in small umbels, white or very pale pink, asymmetrical, with the petals pointing away from the centre of the umbel longer 5–6 mm than those pointing toward it only 1–3 mm long . The fruit is a globular, dry schizocarp 3–5 mm 0.12–0.20 in in diameter. Although sometimes eaten alone, the seeds often are used as a spice or an added ingredient in other foods. Coriander is a pleasantly sweet spice with a lemony top note. It is commonly used in chili and curry dishes. The coriander plant produces both a spice and an herb. The leaf is known as cilantro and when the plant goes to seed, we harvest the coriander seed. Coriander is used in many types of ethnic cooking, such as Latino, Middle Eastern, and Indian. In this country, it is also used to flavor cookies, pastries, breads, sausages and corned beef. Coriander Seeds are used as diuretic and for general digestive aid Vishwam International manufactures and exports Coriander Seeds without weed seeds for US FDA guarantee and ASTA quality Name in international languages Spanish Cilantro French Corriandre German Koriander Swedish Koriander Arabic Kuzhbare Dutch Koriander Portuguese Coentro Russian Koriandr Japanese Koendoro Chinese Hu-sui SPECIFICATIONS OF CORIANDER SEEDS AS PER ASTA QUALITY STANDARDS: Parameters Value Product Name Whole Coriander Seeds Origin India Type Machine Cleaned/ Sortex Cleaned Purity 99.5% / 99% / 98% Eagle Extraneous Foreign Matter % by Weight 0.50% Max Whole Insects Dead By Count 4 Max Excreta Mammalian By mg./lb 3 mg/lb Max Excreta other By mg./lb 10 mg/lb Max Mold % by wgt. 1% Max Insect defiled/ infested % by wgt. 1% Max Total Ash 9.5% Max Acid Insoluble Ash 1.75% Max Flavor Aromatic with a penetrating flavor Moisture 10% Max Salmonella Absent / 25 Gms PACKING OF CORIANDER SEEDS: Type of Bags Quantity PP Bag 25 / 50 kg Jute Bag 25 / 50 kg Custom Requirement As per customer requirement CONTAINER OF CORIANDER SEEDS: Type of Container Quantity 20′ FCL 9 MT 40′ FCL 21 MT USES OF CORIANDER SEEDS: Coriander Seeds are used as anti-diabetic.Coriander seeds is also used to lower cholesterol. Coriander is also used to control blood sugar. Coriander’s volatile oil is rich in beneficial phytonutrients. GROWTH HABITS OF CUMIN SEEDS: A herbaceous hardy annual, of the parsley family, occasionally surviving into second year. Its height averages 60cm.Its erect slender stems are branching and bright green. The small pink, pale blue or white flowers are borne in compound umbels. The upper leaves are wispy and finely divided, the lower ones broad, undivided and trilobate.