Vietnam Spices Import Export Co Ltd


Good day to you We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our Company to you. Our company is very strong in Chilli, Paprika, Coriander, Indian Onion & Garlic Powder, Herbs and Black Pepper bulk supplies. We have interests in a very large and good factory in China supplying the Paprika and Chilli products. We also have an operation in Vietnam from where we can offer several other items. For the Chilli powders and Pizza Cut Chillies, we will develop a unique one for your company, because tastes are so specific. Please would you let me know if you have any interest in any of our products and if we can offer you prices. Here is a list of the products we can offer to you:- PAPRIKA AND CHILLI PRODUCTS Paprika 40A Paprika 60A Paprika 80A Paprika 100A Paprika 120A Paprika 140A Chilli Powder Chilli Pizza Cut Whole chilli ONION AND GARLIC PRODUCTS White onion powder White onion flakes Garlic powder CORIANDER Coriander whole seed BLACK PEPPER Whole black pepper 450GL Whole black pepper 500GL Whole black pepper 550GL Whole white pepper 630GL DESICCATED COCONUT High fat Low Fat CINNAMON/CASSIA

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