Trakya Flour Industry and Trade Company


Trakya Flour Industry and Trade Co. was founded by the late Edip Agaogulları and Kemal Donertas. The partnership began in 1925 with the Yeni Imaret Flour Mill and grew with the acquisition of the Donertas Flour Mill –formerly the Findikliyan Mill- on the River Tundja bank in 1936. The company expanded into sunflower oil in 1950 by founding the Sarachane Oil Plant. The modern technology Trakya Flour Mill was opened in due course, where the oil plant continued its activities after moving from Sarachane. Our company, fully committed to adapting to technological advances, continues to produce with a total wheat milling capacity of 240 tonnes at the Trakya mills, and by employing 80 staff, contributes to the economy of Edirne. The company also aims to revive Edirne’s social life; to this end, the Cevat Agaogulları Sports Centre opened in 1990 has undertaken the task of serving the people of Edirne in the best way possible. The Cevat Agaogulları Sports Centre comprises a fitness hall, a swimming pool, two tennis courts –one indoors- and a football pitch, while the bistro cafe and restaurant offers a diversity of flavours to

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