Today Standard Precision Machine Tool Co Ltd


TodayCNC Standard Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd,Website:, was established in 2001, which is the first Swiss-type CNC lathe factory in China. China?s first Swiss Lathe was born in TODAYCNC.In the following 15 years,TODAYCNC has been committed to develop and produce advanced Swiss CNC machines. Not only to provide all kinds of advanced high rigidity, high precision CNC machine tools, while constantly innovative, rapidly and accurately grip with market movement, to provide a comprehensive solution for customer processing needs and customized solutions.TODAYCNC continued to promoting the customer's experience and assist customers on production processing,has won the good reputations. Our business scope of coverage to the Aircraft, Aerospace, Automobile, Motorcycle, Gas pneumatic, Hydraulic, Bearings, Electronics, Instrumentation, Communication, Medical and Dental equipment, Motors,etc fields. We have abundant precision CNC lathe to provide customers with comprehensive support.

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