Company Introduction

Seraphic Store has won a good business reputation base on our professional, timely, standardized and faithful management and service systems. Depending on our qualified products with excellent technology and after-sales service, Kang Hai brand Laptop sets have been familiarized to customers in market. We expanded to offer document destruction/protection, time management solutions, forms handling processing, fraud counterfeit detection and verification systems,Upgrading of the website etc. On our new website, our goal is to provide to our customers the best combination of value and performance that we can possibly project. Seraphic Store has great incentives working with churches, schools, professional and retail establishments. Customer satisfaction is more than a catchy phrase, it’s the way we get things accomplished! Tianjin Xiamen Shenzhen Shengjintai Co., Ltd. is dedicated to enabling all customers to enjoy the manufacturing price with local service of global products. With technological innovation, Tianjin Xiamen Shenzhen Shengjintai Co., Ltd. offers global customers more types of global products, and at even lower prices. Our Specialty More Newfangled We provide one-stop shopping service, delivering goods directly to customers from manufactures, which makes our products more newfangled. More Options Diverse consuming cultures all over the world makes our products widely assorted, and our customers have more options. More Savings Just like our slogan says “pretty cheap, easy buy”, Tianjin Xiamen Shenzhen Shengjintai Co., Ltd. helps worldwide families to save more and live a happier life.