Shenzhen Liene Technology Co., Ltd. is the China General Agent of CAMDEX indexing drives, Technical Support and Sales Service Headquarters, Founded in July 2011, The company has reputation in the automation market.Relying on the development of science and technology, And constantly providing customers with satisfactory indexing drievs. Products have been widely used.Automation industry, machinery, hardware, laser, assembly, electronics, packaging, manipulators, industrial robots and many other fields, To serve customers with technology, To survive by quality and to maximize the interests of customers.Our business philosophy is to create greater value for customers. In recent years, The development of industrial automation and intellectualization, the field of mechanical transmission of general equipment continues.Innovation, Shenzhen Liene Technology Co., Ltd. conforms to the trend of science and technology, based on the cam indexing drives and other products of automa.

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