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P811 touch screen PH/MV/Temperature Meter tester

P811 touch screen PH meter Features: 1. The instrument is equipped with large LCD touch screen and English operation system for easy use. 2. The instrument can recognize 13 types of pH standard buffers automatically. There are USA, NIST and CH series of standard buffer solution for option. Custom solution calibration. 3. It has functions such as auto manual temperature compensation, auto calibration and USB data storage, clock display, function setting, self-diagnosis information, etc. 4. The data can be stored, deleted, printed and viewed, and the quantity of measuring data can be maximized to 200 sets. 5. It has standard USB interface.To match with data collecting software, it can be communicated with computer. 9. It is equipped with pH combined electrode, temperature sensor and buffer.

laboratory 0.001g 100g speedy halogen heating moisture balance

moisture analyzer balance Feature: 1. high resolution LCD screen 2. Touch-tone chain plate makes the operation easier. 3. The high precision heat insulation type sensor makes the temperature for data acquisition reliable. 4. The use of halide torch for heating and curing make warming more rapidly and test time shorter. 5. In the process of test, the dry state can be directly confirmed to speculate the finish time. 6. It is equipped with automatic peeling function; it can measure immediately and continuously, and also measure accurately through the zero drift correction. 7. RS232C interface inside, the products can be directly connected to computer, printer, etc. 8. The Halogen drying method moisture analyzer can test the free water content of chemical raw materials, grain, mineral, biological product, food, pharmaceutical raw materials, paper, textile raw materials, etc.

N6000 double beam uv vis spectrophotometer price

The series of UV-Vis spectrophotometer is designed to meet high requirement for precision measurement in the research and production of organic chemistry, biochemistry, medical testing, food testing, environmental protection, water testing industry, etc. The latest ARM system and long optical system ensure high accuracy and good stability of the instrument. They are the best choice of high quality spectrophotometer. Features: 1. 7 inches color LCD and windows Graphic interface make the instrument easy to operate. 2. The in-house memory is capable of saving up to 5000 test data or 500 working curves. 3. Powerful functions like Photometric measurement, Quantitative measurement, Kinetics, Spectrum scan, DNA and Protein test, multi-wavelength test, etc 4. The USB port can be used for data transfer, which is easily exported to Excel for further processing, analysis and storage. 5. Plug type deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp transfer lamps without optics debugging. 6. Large room for samples can hold cuvettes of various specifications. 7. Auto 8-cell holder is optional.