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High quality good price Chlorinated paraffin 70/Chlorinated paraffin Wax 70/cpw70 CAS No. 63449-39-8

Product: Product name Chlorinated paraffin 70 Other names Chlorinating paraffin,Chlorcosane CAS No. 63449-39-8 EINECS 264-150-0 Product features: Chlorinated paraffin 70 is white or light yellow powder resin-type solid. Average molecular formula is C25H30Cl22, average molecular weight is 1060-1100. It is excellent additive type flame retardant with good chemical stability, excellent flame retardance, good chemical resistance, ageing resistance and heat stability. It's an additive fire-retardant of fine general performance. Applications: The product can be used in rubber and plastic products as flame retardant for flame retardant conveyor, flame retardant cable material, fire retardant coating, polyester, polystyrene, polyethylene, epoxy, etc. It can also be used as fire retardant additive for ink, as modifier for paper industry. In addition, the material can be used in fiber and other industries as plasticizer, or as surface treatment agent and lubricant for fabric, and etc.