repair and maintence of cement packer

Repair and maintence of cement packer

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We are Tangshan Renshi Cement Equipment Corporation ltd. in China. Our company is a manufacturer and supplier of cement and powder packing machinery system, has more than 30... (Read More)

Service Description

1. Rotary type cement packing machine. for filling cement and other powder or granular material, except bag inserting by manpower, the other operations like bag filling, weighting and falling can be automatically completed.

2. Stationary type cement packing machine for filling cement and other powder or granular material with specialty of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, reliable working, etc.

3. Powder packing machine including mortar, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate powder etc.

4. Cement powder bulk loader for loading of bulk cement and other powder material, installed at bottom of material silo, for loading tank-shaped vessels of truck, train and ship.

5. Vibrating screen sieve for shifting out the sundries in the cement, gypsum and similar powder material, to ensure safe operation of the conveying and packing equipment. This machine has specialties .


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