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Prototyping Services


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Australia, China, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, India, Taiwan, United States

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Service Description

Srushty, with our Rapid Prototyping Infra Structure and with expertise in design, manufacturing and testing, offer Prototyping Services helps you to cost effectively expedite your time to market of your Product

Our Prototyping Service enables delivery of working prototypes with assembly and testing, and with ability to validate the design in-house highly affordable cost.

Our Prototyping Services Includes

Plastic 3D Printing, SLA, FDM

Plastic CNC Machined Prototypes

Sheet Metal Prototypes

Machined Parts

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Acrylic CNC Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal CNC Laser Cutting (MS & SS)

Sheet Metal CNC Bending

PCB & Electronic Packaging (outsourced)

Powder Coating, Painting and Finishing

Wiring and Harness

Mechanism Prototyping and Testing

Electronic Integration and Testing (including FW and SW)


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