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2D Drafting Service


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Australia, Switzerland, China, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, India, Italy, Taiwan, United States

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Service Description

Srushty offers professionally executed 2D drawing and drafting services. With our skilled team and rich experience in product design, manufacturing and proto typing, we provide accurate drafting of 2D drawings for your design to manufacturing needs.

Our Drafting Service enables delivery of drawings, seamlessly integrating with your engineering processes and standards, with high accuracy, quality and at an affordable cost.

Our 2D Drafting Service Includes

Legacy Conversion Paper Print to Digital Format 2D CAD

Redline Updates

BoM Updates

Hand sketches, point-cloud or photographs to Digital Format 2D CAD

Format migration across different CAD platforms

2D drawings for Manufacturing, Assembly, Process, Machine, Fabrication, Sheet Metal, Plastic Molding, Casting drawings and Machined and Turned Part

2D CAD library creation

Drawings for Technical Publications


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