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Molecular weight analysis


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At present, there are two types of mass spectrometry used for molecular weight analysis: Matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI TOF) and Electrospray ionization (ESI MS). The two methods have their own advantages and applications. MALDI TOF can be used to directly measure the molecular weight of biopharmaceuticals, while ESI MS analyzes multiple charge signals obtained by electric spray, and speculates the precise molecular weight through deconvolution. MALDI TOF MS is more suitable for analyzing biopharmaceuticals with molecular weight less than 25kDa. ESI MS is recommended for molecular weight identification of protein substances with molecular weight of larger than 25kDa. MtoZ Biolabs has established a platform with both MALDI TOF and ESI MS technologies, which can be used to determine the molecular weight of all kinds of biopharmaceuticals, including antibodies, vaccines, proteins drugs, and polypeptides.


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