Dolomite Marble Quarry for Sale in European Union

Dolomite Marble Quarry for Sale in European Union


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With high magnesium oxide content

DOLOMITIC MARBLE QUARRY is located in European Union

● The quarry is privately owned, with an area of 5ha. This quarry is not leased or rented, making it unique for the E.U

● The quarry is at the surface, on a height of 105 meters up from the ground. It is very easy to operate because of the sterile layer from the surface is very small , approximative 50 cm.

● DOLOMITIC MARBLE deposit has an Exploitation Permit which has been issued by the Romanian Government. That means the operations can begin right away.

● The quarry benefits from 2 access roads driveways , about 1 Km from the National road, built on the owned land and all cost incurred by us.

● Sterile layer of 50 cm is partially excavated, being extracted already samples necessary for tests made by specialized laboratories .

● The quarry can be used for marble or magnesium oxide, having an average content of over 47% oxide magnesium.

● Resulted Marble from exploitation is white, bright and has an unique character : THE LIGHT PASSES TROUGH IT !

● The value of the quarry is minimum 12 Billion Euro

● Exports of resulted products of marble or magnesium oxide made in EU member countries are exempted from taxes.

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