Inside Core (Mega Colon) Systems

Inside Core (Mega Colon) Systems

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Hasan Kaya Steel Construction was established in 2000 in Konya / Turkey. Since the day it was founded, we have aimed to develop a strong vision for the use of steel constructions... (Read More)

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Inside Core Mega Column Systems is a very new construction technology applied in high structures. This system, which requires very high technology machines and technical equipment, can be applied by very few companies and financed by very few people.

The basic feature of this method is that it is built in consoles on all sides of a single column and gives a great architectural freedom to the structure.

With this method, it is possible to make constructions which rotate around its axis, skew, slope with respect to the axis of the ground, and move horizontally.We are the pioneer in Inside Core Mega Colon Systems with cutting edge latest technology to provide you seamless mega structure constructions.


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