Effectiveness Of Gene Test For Weight Loss In Teenagers

Effectiveness Of Gene Test For Weight Loss In Teenagers


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GeneSupport is a joint venture between geneOmbio Technologies, Pune; Resilient Cosmeceuticals, Pune and DNA Life, South Africa. It is India’s first and most comprehensive... (Read More)

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Teenagers today are exposed to a wide variety of unhealthy food choices. Over indulgence of “convenience foods,” emotional stress, hormonal changes, peer and parental pressure and tobacco and alcohol abuse can lead to weight gain. GeneSupport in Pune, India has a panel which targets this age group by offering them personalized regimen for losing weight. Panel recommends gene test for weight loss, which is actually a natural way to get desired weight loss. Here you can find the healthy Diet For Weight Loss with nutrition professionals. For more information about weight loss diet plans for teenagers, please do visit at


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