How to unclog the plumping system:

How to unclog the plumping system:


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If you have noticed that your pumping and drain system has become clogged, there are several different factors that can help you mitigate this. Please find them below.

To unclog the plumping system:

1. Try to snake the drain first. Put the snake down the sink and twist, this should help to remove debris and unclog the sink drain.

2. You can use a plunger to unclog the shower drain. Simply use the plunger on the drain as you would a toilet and the pressure can help move clogs out of the pipes.

3. A high pressure water hose can be used in an effort to remove the clog. Force the water down the drain with the issue and let this remove the clog for you.

To unclog the main drain line:

1. Remove the backflow preventer that is found in the home

2. Locate the clog

3. Use a drain cleaning tool to unclog drain

4. If this does not increase draining speed or you are still having issues with water draining, professional assistance may be needed as the drain line could be blocked in hard to reach

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