Transaction Accounting and Financial Reporting Assistance

Transaction Accounting and Financial Reporting Assistance

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31 Jul, 2017

Traecit Business Consultants LLP is a registered global Professional services, Security and Business advisory firm offering a range of services for domestic and global businesses... (Read More)

Service Description

As your organization faces changes related to transactions, consolidations, debt/equity offerings, or even bankruptcy – you will encounter complex accounting and financial reporting challenges. We can help you meet those challenges and preserve the value of your business. Feel free to contact us with your business challenges and we will be happy to provide you with solution for: Identification and analysis of accounting issues. Analysing financial and regulatory impacts. Preparing opening balance sheets, carve-out, proforma or combined financial statements. Modelling of impacts on future income statements, balance sheet items and KPIs. Analysing financial communication and competitor benchmarking. Business Combination Accounting. Consolidations / Joint Venture formation and accounting. Income Tax Accounting Lease Accounting. Restatement of Financial statements Revenue Recognition. Securitization. Stock compensation. Fair value accounting Goodwill impairment testing and accounting

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