About Us WE are distributors of animal feed supplements, farm manure and fertilizers at Alleppey, Kerala. Our product range includes herbal veterinary healthcare nutrients, organic manure and bio fertilizers which are validated, effective and safe. It has a significant presence in Kerala and Tamilnadu markets We focus on providing high quality, appropriately priced products with efficient customer service, and having a dedicated distribution network backed by production facilities and technology to meet the requirement of our customers Objective To make significant presence in domestic and international markets in terms of quality and better the health of animals and crops. To improve the immunity system of animals for receiving better output in terms of milk quantity, fat content and cow dung. To enhance yield of farmers on their investments, in diary and agriculture sector. Mission To provide quality products and services in agricultural sector, without harming the eco-system and improving the living standards of the farmers. Vision. Extension of Comprehensive products and service in the sphere of activity we are involved in and to grow into a one stop solution provider for the customers.

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