Raja Rajan Art Works


Raja rajan art works is well known for Tanjore paintings or Thanjavur paintings. Tanjore arts are one of the famous south Indian arts and crafts. Raja rajan art works is owned by Mr.V. Nagarajan. Mr.V.NAGARAJAN, A reputed craftsmen originating from Kottaiyur, Karaikudi, Sivaganga, Tamilnadu, India is well known for his elegant styles of arts and crafts. He had received many awards and honors in the local and international meets. He received a national merit certificate on 2008 followed by a certification by the ministry of textiles for the development of Tanjore paintings. He had achieved a gold medal for his excellence in craftsmanship. His achievements had been listed in newspapers and magazines like Dhinathanthi, Malaimalar and Dhinamalar etc…And his programme has been telecasted in famous television channels that enrich the value of his arts and crafts. Many honorable politicians like ministers, district collectors visited his home to see his Tanjore paintings and appreciated him for his excellent work. “Dedication is nurtured in the name of our Tanjore paintings”. Raja Rajan art works is the divine place for best traditional arts and crafts, Tanjore paintings in Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India. Mr. V.Nagarajan is the proprietor of Raja Rajan art works specialized in 2D paintings, 3D paintings,foil paintings, gold coated paintings, door paintings, antique finish paintings, fusion paintings, modern arts and miniatures with high material value and art value. Raja Rajan art works is specialized in traditional Thanjavur paintings,antique finish paintings and various forms of traditional and modern paintings. Mr. V.Nagarajan, the proprietor of Raja Rajan art works had received various honors. He has been awarded the most prestigious “Shanta Prasad award” for excellence in craft and the Govt. of India honored him with the “State Award for his Tanjore paintings”. They have been excelled in this arts and crafts industry for the generation of 5 years.

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