PT. Asia Mega Pratama


One of the largest bicycle manufactures in Indonesia and fully-equipped to export our products globally, we are a privately-held, operated enterprise with a proud tradition and since 2009 of experience in the bicycle industry. Reputations are earned through hard work, dedication and attention to detail and as our business has grown our customers have come to appreciate and depend upon the consistent combination of quality, price, and service that we offer. So we enter every with the goal of effectively managing our growth to meet the rapidly increasing demand for our products while remaining totally committed to the fundamental principles that have led to our success thus far - offering the highest quality and most innovative bicycles at the most competitive prices and with the most attentive and dependable customer service. We encourage you to explore and experience for yourself the benefits of a business relationship with our companies. Customer are Everything, Make Them Always Happy and Statisfy. Bike of Excellence and Pride.

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