Product Listing Policy

*IMPORTANT* Please read carefully before registering your Products on
The Product Listing Policy (the "Policy") describes the products or services restricted or prohibited from being listed on the websites of BIZBILLA. Please read the Policy carefully and confirm that your products or services are permitted to be posted on the Site prior to posting any products or services.
  • You may not post, buy or sell any item that is restricted or prohibited by a federal, state or local law in any country or jurisdiction on Please note that is an international online platform for e-commerce trades. The products or services provided by you shall comply with the laws and regulations in both the import country and export country, including the country‚Äôs import/export laws and regulations and relevant local requirements. Please verify and confirm that the products or services comply with any applicable laws and regulations prior to posting the products or services on the Site.
  • Please be aware that BIZBILLA does not permit any trading items that are illegal, infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, or may easily be used for illegal purposes.
  • As a member of BIZBILLA, you are responsible for ensuring that the trading items you have posted are legal or permissible. Thus, before posting any product, selling lead and/or buying lead, you need to make sure that your trading items are NOT against the 'Product Listing Policy'.
  • BIZBILLA reserves the right to remove any trading items that violate the 'Product Posting Policy' without further notice. BIZBILLA also reserves the right to disable the accounts of any members who continue to violate the 'Product Posting Policy' after having been warned.
The following is a list of products/product types that are prohibited on BIZBILLA

The Product Listing Policy listed as above should not be considered exhaustive in nature and shall be updated on a continuous basis.
If you are unsure about the product you wish to register on in regard to its appropriateness or legality, please contact us

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