Paper & Paper Products Press releases

Paper & Paper Products Press Releases

Double A A4 Copy Paper

Paper & Paper Products

Double a a4 copy paper

Narumon Fhaungfung Industry is committed to helping your business run smoother with the Double A 80gsm A4 Copy Paper 500 Sheet Ream. Double A Copy Paper has an extra-smooth surface and is whiter, brighter, thicker and cleaner for an all-round...

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Advertise Your Paper And Paper Products In Bizbilla

Paper & Paper Products

Advertise your Paper and paper products in Bizbilla


Paper is a material which is obtained from wood, grasses, and rags and it is made up of cellulose pulp. It is made into a thin and flexible sheet by compressing the moist fibers together. It can be recycled and so there will be no wastage of...

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