Energy Press releases

Energy Press Releases

India, UK To Set Up 240 Mn Pound Fund For Green Energy


India, UK to set up 240 mn pound fund for green energy


India and Britain on Tuesday agreed to jointly set up a fund with corpus contributions of 120 million pounds each to finance Indian infrastructure projects, it was announced. In a major step taken on the National Investment and...

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Indian Railways To Install Solar Panels


Indian Railways to install solar panels


Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has said that in the near future, solar panels would be installed in all railway buildings across the nation. The Minister made this...

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Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant II Unit To Be Started Soon


Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant II unit to be started soon


The Kudankulam nuclear power plant second unit will be operational soon as the nuclear fission started. This is the second 1,000MW pressurized water reactor to go critical in the country. The first unit at Kudankulam went critical in July...

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Power Connection On Demand Soon


Power connection on demand soon


In a bid to make electricity available to all, the government plans to launch a scheme under which consumers can pay for the new connection in monthly installments over a period of 5 years and will be able to avail the service on...

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