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Buy Natural and Eco-Friendly Latex Mattresses from Haiku Designs for Good Night’s Sleep

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Boulder, CO - Haiku Designs offers natural and eco-friendly latex mattresses in a wide range of firmness levels as well as a complete range of sizes. Our natural and eco-friendly latex mattresses are specially designed for a comfortable, healthy good night’s sleep.

Haiku Designs offers all natural and eco-friendly latex mattresses for your comfort, rest and a better nights sleep. These all-natural products meet federal flammability requirements without the use of chemical flame-retardants.  Our all-natural latex mattresses feature botanical latex foam with a 100% wool liner that serves as a moisture barrier as well as an all natural flame retardant.

Haiku Designs’ natural and eco-friendly latex mattresses provide maximum comfort combined with optimal orthopaedic support enabling the mattress to gently follow the natural body contours.  Our mattresses are made from the natural latex from the Asian rubber tree, unbleached wool, and certified organic cotton. What this means to you is that you are not bringing toxic foams, dangerous petrochemicals or synthetic fibbers into your sleeping environment.

Haiku Designs entire line of sleep products offer all natural, certified organic, and non-toxic materials.  We are a one-stop solution for natural bedding products, including Silk comforters, natural fiber pillows, certified organic cotton sheets, latex pillows, natural jute fiber and sea grass floor coverings and more.

IN addition, Haiku Designs offers a wide selection of eco-friendly furniture, including bamboo dining room tables and bedroom sets.  Our theme is .. “Shelter That Brings Tranquillity, Designs that Create Simplify,”

About the Company:

Haiku Designs is an eco-friendly company that offers modern, Asian, and contemporary furniture designed to complement and enhance any home environment. You can buy directly online via their website, with low-cost and/or free shipping to anywhere within the United States, Canada or any other country. If you prefer to view their products in person, you can always visit their retail showroom, which is located in Boulder, Colorado.

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Posted On : 04-May-2017