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Bizbilla Launches its Mobile Version

Bizbilla Launches Its Mobile Version

By  Merlin

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Mobile has become an essential part in our day-to-day life and a bridge to connect huge population. In this busy world, people need all information right at their hand. Businessmen are looking for opportunities to do their business via mobile.

Here's a great news for business professionals, one of the best B2B market place Bizbilla has now launched a new mobile version in 2014 which enables business person to add products, search products, search appropriate suppliers, get  genuine buyers , send inquiries and get instant replies. It does not require a smart phone to access rather it can be accessed through ordinary mobile with Internet connection. It benefits small businesses to access the site at ease.

Bizbilla provides business person the best opportunity to develop their business by being at one end of the globe. Under the relevant categories products can be added and inquiries can be sent by the users through Business expert can sign up with bizbilla_b2b2 to carry out business. It has responsive pages which enable to view the whole page in a single screen. Businessman can view about 10800 business categories, find business needs in 7.4 million cities and post their business inquiries.

Get connected with bizbilla_b2b2 just by providing details such as Company name, country contact details and type of business. It paves way for manufacturers, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, wholesalers and service providers to develop their business to a great extent. Being the best platform it enables business person to get connected with 250 businesses worldwide.  

Bizbilla mobile application has unique features which makes businesses to shine anywhere and at anytime. It has simple steps to engage with businesses. To send inquiries furnish name of self and company, contact number, mail address, department name, subject and concerned message. It helps sellers to find genuine buyers, buyers to find exact sellers and service providers to get in contact with buyers and sellers.By getting in touch with business experts can make their business prosper.

Posted On : 23-Jun-2014