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Advertise your Paper and paper products in Bizbilla

Advertise Your Paper And Paper Products In Bizbilla

By  Manonmani

Paper & Paper Products

Paper is a material which is obtained from wood, grasses, and rags and it is made up of cellulose pulp. It is made into a thin and flexible sheet by compressing the moist fibers together. It can be recycled and so there will be no wastage of paper products. There are wide varieties of paper and paper products like wrapping papers, writing papers, blotting papers, drawing papers, handmade papers, specialty papers, bank paper, bond paper, book paper, construction paper, cotton paper, coated paper, fish paper, inkjet paper, Kraft paper, laid paper, leather paper, oak tag paper, sand paper, tyvek paper, wallpaper, washi paper, waterproof paper, wove paper, wax paper, xuan paper, quilling paper etc. Paper is a most valuable thing in the world because currencies, cheque books and voucher are in the form of paper only. Papers are used in many aspects and papers are used as note book, newspaper, magazines, facial tissues, toilet paper, emery paper, sand paper, litmus paper, electric insulation paper etc.

Papers are also used as decorative materials and now-a-days ornaments are also made up of quilling paper. Greeting cards and business cards are also made of papers and labels, barcodes and stickers are also made by using papers. Now-a-days people are using paper bags instead of plastic bags and shops are also providing paper bags for customers along with their products. This is because plastic bags are banned in most of the countries and paper bags are eco-friendly objects. Now-a-days usage of paper is high worldwide.

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Posted On : 15-Oct-2014