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Crusher Plastic Scrap Grinder Machine 7 inch & 12 inch

Crusher Plastic Scrap Grinder Machine 7 inch & 12 inch
INR 159000-160000 Per Set/Sets
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16 Jul 2018
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1 Set/Sets
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To crush defective plastic into granular form we provide Plastic crusher machines. By these machines plastic can be recycled and remoulded for use in manufacturing other products. These machines help to reduce the volume of plastic waste, make it usable for reproduction of plastic products. Almost every industry makes use of plastic crushers to save cost and resources.

Claw Type Features:

To increase the efficiency added the cutting angles for front blade

It makes the better soundproof effects having two layers sound insulation inside the cast hopper.

Use Cr12Mov high strength alloy tool steel blade

adopt famous brand electrical appliances, motor

in view of the large pieces of rubber head material or high hardness materials

Bullet Points:

The HGM series granulators and with excellent quality and simple operation. The general speed of 250rpm is designed to granulate of sprue (Runners) and minimise the operating noise and wear & tear of the cutter blades. Electrical & mechanical safety devices meet to European safety regulations.

Small footprint

Optimized cutter saddle

No tools required for maintenance & cleaning up

Low power, noise and energy saving

High-grade safety

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