Company Introduction

MTM Plastic Recycling is operating in plastic industry for almost 20 years. The company started its operations in 2005 with its new name and produces approximately 750 tonnes through granule production It increased its production and quality through new machinery and equipment investments alongside with its 8000 m2 indoor facility in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone Savaş Mahsereci is the founder and general manager of the company. State of art and European technologies are used in production. The Courses are consistently renewed. Material is received separately and first class recycled granule raw material is produced. Certain amount of the products is exported and the rest is sold in Turkey. We produce first class polythene PE and polypropylene PP granules. We serve approximately 1,000 tons per month in manufacturing granules. We also have legal license of recycle and Reach Global registry numbers. Our Products. PP polypropylene : PP 3-5 MFI and 25-35 MFI PE polythene : AYPE - LDPE and YYPE –HDPE

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