HVR-7200 Quick Easy IV High Definition video recorder

1. Support stand along mode to record video,support various types USB flash drive, external hard drive .Maximum storage capacity 2TB., Press one button to record and stop. 2. Supports various input signals including HDMI, VGA, AV and with an included MMI cable.

CSC-5500 Multi Input Scaler

1. INTRODUCTION CSC-5500 Multi Input Scaler has Composite Video, Component Video, PC VGA , and HDMI inputs and can switch and scale the signal to HDMI or VGA with audio outputs. It supports HDMI output resolutions up to 1080p/WUXGA and Analog Digital Conversion ADC and Digital Analog Conversion DAC allowing a wide range of AV signals to be displayed on a HDMI or VGA display. Further, the On-screen Display OSD , IR remote, RS-232, IP and on-panel controls make this product very versatile. 2. APPLICATIONS ‧Analog and digital source integration ‧Upscaling standard definition video for high-definition displays ‧Conference centres ‧Lecture halls ‧Schools and universities

HD-1080K12 Digital Multi-Media Player (Automatic HD Player)

Feature 1. Support various of media and pictures format , Boot auto-play , Ideal replacement for Blue Ray and DVD video players. 2. Ideal playback unit for Large LCD and Plasma display, support unlimited loop play. 3. Ideal for pictures Sync playback BGM 4. High Definition Information Display for Resorts, Hotels, 5. Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Airports,etc 6. HD Video player for Museums and Science Center exhibits. 7. HD Video player for Interactive traveling exhibit. 8. HD Video information system for Theme Parks, Go-Kart tracks, Family Fun Parks.

HD-1080K5 Digital Multi-media Player

HD-1080K5 Digital Multi-media Player is a new product design for commercial AD market. As a latest advertising displayer, the product is stable and easy to use. The product is high resolution displayer. Small size but stable, easy to embed into electrics products such as: car monitor, LCD TV, every kinds of advertising displayer. Makes your ad be seen everywhere, satisfied the market demand.

VE-30RFM HDMI to RF Matrix Extender

VE-30RFM HDMI to RF Matrix Extender is designed to convert HDMI signal to HD digital TV signal based on DVB-T CATV signal, it uses 64QAM mode to realize the HD digital TV signal conversion and transmit via coaxial cables for long distance. With the advantages of good image quality, strong resistance to interference and hundreds channels available. It’s easy to build one-to-multi or multi-to-multi media matrix through extender, can be widely applied in CCTV, outer large screen, shopping mall advertisement, media education and digital KVM fields etc. To solve problems such as image pixilated, distortion, and transfer failure. Apply to commercial ads on screen walls, automatic industry digital board, medical facilities, the system to supervise and control multimedia education etc. In order to deal with the demand of digital media signal’s long distance transmission. The system is designed by RF transfer, providing more flexible choice for installation and operation.