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LLC'' KRIGAZ is an Agent and also mandate certificate hold of many Oil refineries who offer products to the wholesale marketplace for Crude Oil and its fuel derivatives such as.. GASOLINE, D2, REBCO, AGO, JET FUEL, MAZUT, BITUMEN, CST, LPG, LNG AND UREA. The company, which we cooperate with, is representing several refineries within Russia. They are the agent/mandate certificate holder, i.e. they have direct access to petroleum products from various governmental and non-governmental refineries or oil wells, which enables them to obtain product capacity from refineries. Their work is very systematic, their procedures are normal and we regard our cooperation as very serious, prompt and correct. There are only two entities with better access to petroleum products , Russian government and Russian Army. This unique status enables them to provide reliable and safe product supplies. Besides, their corporate know-how guarantees on time deliveries and full protection for Buyers. With such an approach, this company has persuaded us that they can create perspective and long-termed relationship which guarantees consistent and reliable supplies of following petroleum products: 1 D2 DIESEL GAS OIL L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82 2 MAZUT M100 10585-75/99 3 JET FUEL JP54 4 JET FUEL JPA1 5 REBCO GOST 9965-76 6 LPG LIQUEFEID PETROLEUM GAS 7 BITUMEN GRADE 60/70 AND 80/100 8 LNG LIQUEFEID NATURAL GAS 9 GASOLINE 89 OCTANE RUSSIAN ORIGINS 10 AGO 11 GASOLINE 93 OCTANE RUSSIAN ORIGINS 12 CST-180 FUEL OIL RUSSIAN ORIGIN 13 CST-280 FUEL OIL RUSSIAN ORIGIN 14 CST-380 FUEL OIL RUSSIAN ORIGIN 15 UREA GRANUARD 16 STEAM COAL


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