Company Introduction

Innovative Krish Products Pvt Ltd was founded in 1999. The company has consisted of exclusively hard-working experienced professionals dedicated to the needs of their customers. Based primarily in Mumbai, India. We starts with quality, taking to heart the needs of the customer first. Also built reputation on being the very best in Security Products. That reputation continues today, and will carry on far into the future. We provide information systems products, services and expertise which will assist our clients in improving the productivity and profitability of their business. "We gives a cutting edge technologically sound products" We have numerous digital products with us; thus I can gladly say that WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT HAS HUNDTRADS OF odd SECURITY PRODUCTS and Spy Products to help you to your region and family against interlopers. Every individual thing that is made in our manufacturing plants has breezed through a progression of tests to give our customers quality products that they have dependably wished to claim. Not just the spy products; we have different products to draw in your consideration and you should be in AWE of them. Benevolently see every one of the products and their particulars as well. Products: 1 GSM Products 2 Innovative SPY Products 3 Cables, Connectors, Switches, Adaptors, Splitters 4 Innovative Corporate Gifts and Fancy USB Products 5 Security Products 6 Hi-Tech Products 7 Mini USB Projectors and Multi Media Products 8 Fancy USB Drives 9 Home Automation Systems 10 Face Plates, Batons and Led Products