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Commuters who travel during rush hour peak face steeper fare rise


The option of a “super-peak” ticket is still regarded as a viable option and transport campaigners believe it will be included in the latest instalment of the Government’s fare review which is due to be published in the Spring. Rail passengers, returning to work this week, have already been hit...

Summer-born children being wrongly classed as having special needs


CHILDREN born in the summer are being wrongly classed as having special needs when they are just young for their school year, a major Government-backed study suggests Research into how pupils with language and communication difficulties are taught found that children are being...

British officials wanted to sell arms to Argentina before invasion


The files show that the sale of a carrier to replace the Argentinian navy’s ageing flagship Vienticinco de Mayo, herself a former Royal Navy carrier, was being actively discussed six months before the invasion on April 2 1982. In October 1981 Robin Fearn of the Foreign Office South America Department wrote...

Ex-smokers will soon find out if they’re up to snuff


I’ve seen a lot of unlikely, successful comebacks over the years – Spandau Ballet, double denim, Thierry Henry at Arsenal – but snuff? By the till at my local London corner shop, there’s a big crate of the stuff. “People kept asking for it,” shrugged my newsagent when I started...