Hengfengtai Precision Machinery Co. Ltd


Our production covers a range of more than 100 products comprising series of: - Shaft Mounted Reducers; - Helical Bevel Standard Reducers; - Planetary Gear Reducer; - Industrial gearboxes, -Mixer Agitator Reducers; - Thickener series. Our products' application includes: - Building machinery, Conveyor machinery, Craning; Lifting; Metallurgy; - Mining; Grinding; Metal rolling machine; Machinery for petroleum industry, - Chemical industry, mixer, centrifugal machine, cooling cylinder; - Pumping machinery; Waste and water treatment, - Robotics, Solar tracking & Radar equipment. We also provide affordable equipment, customized services (technical design, training, promotional assistance), long term partnership, sustainable efficiency and satisfaction of your clients. We are a professional manufacturer of gearboxes for heavy industries and one of the largest supplier in China and Asia.

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