Hangzhou Shengzhong Covers Co., Ltd.


Who we are - Hangzhou Shengzhong Covers Co., Ltd. is a professional and experienced diploma cover manufacturer and certificate holder supplier. With manufacturing facilities across worldwide, we have been serving 1000 plus companies, colleges, universities, organizations, retailers, distributors and agencies nationally and internationally for over two decades now. Key products - We design, produce and sale full line of custom diploma covers, padded certificate covers, leatherette certificate holders, diploma frames, certificate tubes, autograph books to the distributor, wholesaler, retailer in worldwide. Capacity - With a 70,000 square feet plant and more than 80 well-trained workers, we have an annual 5 million diploma covers capacity. Shengzhong people have continuously tried to improve production capacity by using state-of-the-art machines worldwide, this guarantees a short lead time and timely delivery. Moreover, rush order services can also be provided.

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