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New ultra-soft block silicone oil 2701

the new ultra block silicone oil 2701 is a multi block copolymer of polysiloxane,polyamine and polyether .It is an upgraded product that overcomes the shortcomings of poor stability and non refection of common amino silicone oil . it is suitable for the finishing of chemical fiber and natural fiber fabrics . it is excellent in softness , slipperiness and bulkiness. Eco friendly without banned chemicals , and meets the EU oltex100 standard

Hydrogen peroxide activator LA

Brief introduction: Dual functions of activating and stabilizing hydrogen peroxide. Promote the effective decomposition of hydrogen peroxide while decrease its ineffective decomposition. Significantly improve the whiteness of the treated fabric, and reduce the strength loss of the fabric. Adding in the pretreatment process, the bleaching temperature can be reduced from 95-98 degree to 75-80 degree , achieving the same effect as high-temperature bleaching; low temperature bleaching conditions are mild to protect the fabric shape, reserve the strength, and avoid fabric wrinkles, fiber damages and other side effects.