Feng Chen Import & Export Co., Ltd


Our company is a leading manufacturer and suppliers of all types of agricultural products. We supply products like seafoods,foodbeverages,dairy products,freshfrozen and dried fruits,edible oil,vegetables products,plant seeds,plant and animal oils,nuts and carrots,grapes,banana,citurs fruits,pomegranate,cassava,cotton,vanilla beans,sheep meat,beef,pork meat,poultry,onions,palm oil,coffee bean,cocoa beans,Cocoa Powder,peanuts,olives,rapeseed oil,mustard oil,dehydrated onion flakes,desi ghee,sheep ghee,sunflower oil,peaches,nectarines,cashew nuts,almonds,sesame seeds,Dried Seaweed,asparagus,buffalo meat,live buffalo,walnuts,pistachio nuts,lemons,pineapples,coconut,coconut flour,wheat flour,Powder Milk,wheat bran,chickpeas,green mung beans,Chana Dal,black pepper,white pepper,bayleafs,cloves,garlic,nutmilk,curry,lentil beans,whey protein,millets,cereals,oats,fish meal,fish maws,fish oil,ceramic fish,dry fish,soybean meal,tapioca starch,cassava starch,live cattle,chicken feet,paraffin wax,seedless grapes,butter,cheese,wood pellets,charcoal,fertilizers,pumpkin seeds, sodium sacharin,honey,mushrooms,stabilizers,Lobster,agar powder,chestnuts,beef omasum,beef pizzles,pork feet,pork intestines,green cardamom, chilli powder,lodized salt,Turmeric,peanut kernel,peanut seeds,soap noodles,poultry feed,and many others etc...We also supply to any parts in the world,so we are look to get serious and genuine buyers to start a good and long term business cooperation with. So kindly send your inquiries to us and we shall send you more details.

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