Doganin Dongusu


Dear Sir Madam We are producing the most delicious and qualified chickpeas in Turkey. Please, visit our website or contact us with number, given below. The most delicious and highest quality, because; We are actually chickpea seed producers. We produce the best seeds and give them our farmers for planting. We process and package their products. In this way we can produce higher quality chickpea for food more than companies which are collecting and putting together lots of type and variable qualities of chickpeas. As a result we have high quality and delicious 1. Chickpeas for food, 2. Chickpea seeds, We are ready for exporting in reasonable conditions. Thanks and regards. Technical Specifications Type KABOULI Origin Ankara, Turkey Caliber 8,9,10,11,12 mm (according to demand) Variety Azkan Status Sterilized, ready to use in cloth sacks. Price FOB CIF

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