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BT 8 Inch Multi-purpose Speaker

BT 8 Inch Multi-purpose Speaker
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02 Nov 2016
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As one of the well-known bt 8 inch multi-purpose speaker manufacturers and suppliers in China, it is waiting for you to buy our low price bt 8 inch multi-purpose speaker and check the quotation with our factory.Applications: It is sophisticated designed and ideal for Theaters, Music Halls, Large Discotheques, Night Clubs, KTV rooms, touring events etc.BT series speakers use a variety of techniques of multifunctionalamplification system, can meet the demand perfectly and maintain RXsystem concept. BT series adopts high sensitivity driver, collect with luxuriant appearance design concept, making BT series speakers applied to the fixed installation, music, theater, language, and the most ideal performance. Meanwhile, amazing SPL, and maintain the lightweight of the system, to be the big features of BT. Multifunctionalenclosure designed High sensitivity and transparent sound quality Providing ideal SPL and dynamic sound Quality NL4MP professional connectors applied ensuring a direct and stable signal transmission.