Chongqing Yumsun Foodstaff Co., Ltd.


Ever since its establishment, Chongqing Yumsun Foodstaff Co., Ltd. is commited to presenting the world with green, healthy, and environment-friendly canned food with cost-effective price, in line with one set of stringent quality control QA system from raw material selection, product processing, to package, transportation, and delivery. As one professional manufacturer and trader, Company has six production lines, one strong research &development team, plenty skillful workers, and the QA system to reach an annual output for 10,000 tons of canned food and to follow strictly the quality requirements from HACCP and ISO9001:2008. Our products falls into 7 key series: 1. Pork series canned: eg. pork luncheon meat, mustard spicy pork luncheon meat, tasty pork, sliced pork and bamboo shoot in Szechuan style, spiced pork cubes, stewed pork, pork with preserved vegetable, steamed pork, renowned Dong-Po pork hough, pork leg with mushroom, sliced stewed pork, stewed pork rib, egg roll pork, etc. 2. Beef /mutton series canned: eg. beef luncheon meat, corned beef /mutton, etc. 3. Chicken /duck /goose series canned: eg. chicken luncheon meat, curry chicken, stewed chicken /duck, roasted goose, etc. 4. Ham series canned: eg. chopped pork &ham, premium ham luncheon meat, etc. 5. Sausage series canned: eg. chicken /pork /beef sausage, etc. 6. Fruit &vegetable series canned, and 7. Halal series canned. Company deals in the product design, production, domestic sale, and overseas export incl. Southeast Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Middle &South America, Africa, Middle East, Pacific islands, Hong Kong, Macao, etc. and operates the business in a flexible way like OEM, by our own or buyer

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