CapitalSV is an international link, connecting Buyers and Sellers of bulk commodities, specialized in importing and exporting petroleum products, gas, coal, products nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy, development and implementation of nanotechnology. Our scope of business encompasses Russia, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Most activity is concentrated in of the Russian Federation and Europe. We provide a wide range of complete information to clients regarding petroleum industry, petroleum products, gas, coal, metallurgy, development and implementation of nanotechnology, services and commodities in general. We draw on the strengths of experience, resources, global informations supply capability and significant strategic partnerships with producers, suppliers, customers to create a highly capable network of supply chain for energy, industry and rapidly developing nanotechnology. CapitalSV offers to your attention petroleum products, crude oil, gas oil, fuel, diesel fuel, D 2, TS-1, bunker fuel, gasoline, kerosene, LPG, LNG, natural gas, coal, steel, metals, ferrous and nonferrous metals, steel constructions, nanotechnology, electronic devices, LED clusters, cold, water sensors. Besides that, please also be informed that there are other products, which we can supply, including but not limited to: - Nanotechnology used in the field of radio engineering, industry and housing and communal services. - Non-GMO certified Refined Sunflower Oil; - Various BIO-certified Italian salami naturally processed meat specialties ; - BIO-certified Italian DOP cheeses, as well as cheese spreads on the basis of Parmigiano Reggiano suitable for individual use, cooking and catering ; - Organic non-GMO probiotic Kombucha; - Specialized machines for the transportation of liquid and friable substances; production of Turkey. All the details are on our Website.

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