BITXEON is a subsidiary of PT. SERINDO STORE engaged in computer sales and computer parts that already has 15 branches throughout Indonesia. PT. SERINDO STORE also has several subsidiaries engaged in the sale of applications for the needs of companies. The development of Crypto Currency in recent years, PT. SERINDO STORE sees great opportunity to develop PT. SERINDO STORE becomes bigger. In 2016 PT. SERINDO created a new subsidiary which is now named BITXEON. Although BITXEON is a subsidiary of PT. SERINDO STORE, but BITXEON has its own legal entity. BITXEON is a legally incorporated company, registered with the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia as PT. BITXEON. BITXEON company that focuses on the sale of Crypto Currency mining hardware, and the development of specialized hardware of Crypto Currency miner. BITXEON only sells quality products, every product we sell, we will test first before we market. We also guarantee the price we offer is very affordable, it is

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