Beechamores Pvt. Ltd.


Brief history and description of Beechamores Pvt. Ltd. We have over 47 years experience of mining, processing and export of processed minerals. Mr. S. K. Beecham started as a merchant exporter in the name of Beecham Ores and Minerals in 1966. Syndicate Bank were our Banker. In1969, Beecham Ores and Minerals was converted to a Ltd. Company in the name of Beechamores Pvt. Ltd. The Company also acted as a merchant exporter. In the year 1971, we applied to govt. Of Rajasthan and were sanctioned a Talc mine under the name Unthala Soapstone Mine, Village Unthala, District Udaipur, Rajasthan. It was developed as an underground mine and in the year 1974 in the Mine Safety Week, the department of Mine Safety, govt. Of India declared Unthala Soapstone Mine as the safest underground mine in category C and awarded a shield and a cup for this achievement. We are FDA approved and licensed Manufacturers of: 1. Attapulgite (Colloidal & Activated) - BP, USP 2. Talc - IP, BP / Ph. Eur., USP

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