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Raising the Bar by Lowering Cost in Field Operations


03-Jul-2017 12:00 AM

By Alisha Gupta
Category: Business-Services
Field Reporting – Who, What, When, Where and Why?

What is field reporting? According to Business Dictionary, field reporting is any service which collects information on-site for use by individuals and businesses off-site. This includes a wide variety of corporate, public and private entities, all of whom benefit from information gathered in real-world settings relevant to their products or services.

Who uses these field services? One can use field reporting to reach the next phase in field service, but only when done effectively. For every entity that provides a good or service to the public or to private citizens, it can be assumed highly likely that field reporting software has been used to improve their results. Some of these services include:

  • Charitable and non-profit organizations, such as those who need to collect information on the groups of people that they service to better understand their needs.
  • Corporate entities, seeking better returns on investments, a more in-depth understanding of productivity levels and corresponding workplace environmental factors and more. 
  • Production companies, looking to better comprehend the needs and preferences of their consumer base and provide better products as a result.
  • Government, ecological and environmental services, wishing to survey areas or populations in need of assistance or supplement to ensure ongoing access to natural resources.
When and where is information gathered? There are a number of methods for collecting field data. Field reporting apps are an increasingly important way of managing relevant data for both public and private applications. Companies like 360 Field Reporting provide consumers with the capabilities to gather, catalogue and analyze information that they can then use to better their products or services, to improve returns, boost sales and more.

Why are field operations so important? Information gathered in real-world settings give companies an in-depth look at how consumers are using their product or service, and how these services can be improved. By understanding this information, better quality can be achieved and unnecessary production costs can be avoided.

Lower Costs, Better Outcomes

It is important for any entity – whether corporate, public or private – to reduce costs when implementing improvement strategies for their services. Whether looking to stay within a limited budget or increase profit margins, field service management software can provide ways for any user to keep an eye on their bottom line while also increasing the quality of their output.

One way that costs can be reduced is by selecting only the field reporting software or services that fit an individual entity’s needs. By avoiding unnecessary “frills”, a consumer can keep costs low, and pay only for what they will be able to use. By utilizing mobile apps and other technology, companies are able to employ their own personnel to collect data rather than paying a third party to do so. With the tools in hand to observe and analyze data on-site, consumers can improve the products and services they provide to customers, enabling the asking of fair market prices for them and ensuring repeat business.
By using the data collected during field research, businesses of every size and type can improve their output, all while managing their upfront costs with today’s intuitive and efficient technology. In doing so, the companies themselves benefit from larger profit margins, while consumers receive better quality results – truly a winning situation for everyone!

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