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Editing is Imperative


02-Feb-2016 12:00 AM

By Preety Gupta
Category: Business-Services
The power of the written words is truly indescribable. Words intricately strung together have the ability to transport people to the past, to the future, to the world of those who lived centuries ago, as well as to the world of those who are yet to come. Capable of arousing all kinds of emotions- joy, sorrow, love, compassion, anger, passion- written words can influence humans like nothing else. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword!

And hence, when writers begin to write, they wish to give nothing but the best to their readers. Reading their work over and over again, they make changes to the manuscripts in order to give something worth spending one’s time on to the readers. However, being humans, they aren’t infallible- they make mistakes and there is almost always scope for improvement. To this purpose, the role of editors becomes indispensable.    

And if one wishes to self-publish, it becomes even more important to hire the services of a trusted editor, who would not only make corrections to the current manuscript, but would also guide the author to write better in the future. Now there are certain things an author needs to do before hiring an editor. Firstly, being aware of the type of editor one wishes to hire is important. Do you wish for the editor to proofread your script just to eliminate any grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and consistency errors? Or you wish for the editing to be more comprehensive that can allow the editors to suggest fundamental changes to the content of your book. Once you have decided this, the second step would be to research and look for a trusted editor. The third and final step involves giving the work a thorough read before sending it out to the editor.  

In India, there are self-publishing companies like Notion Press which guide aspiring authors every step of the way to help them create not only a meaningful book, but also help in its marketing and distribution. One can either choose from the publishing packages offered by them, or go for independent services include editing services such as Substantive Editing and Copy Editing that they offer.  

As mentioned above, one should do a thorough research before hiring anybody’s services and can always check out the NotionPress reviews available online. Happy writing!