Ambar Steel Industries


Ambar Steel Industries is the leading Indian supplier of pilger mills Tools, to meet the specific demands of out tube manufacturing customers. Ambar Steel Industries provides custom designed solutions for tube reduction emphasizing cold pilger mills. Pilger mill production can deliver high yields at lower cost compared to drawing processing. Area reductions of greater than 70 are achievable in one reduction with pilger processing of tubes depending on the alloy. This process can also produce tighter tolerances and better surface finish on both outer and inner surfaces. AMABR STEEL INDUSTRIES also provides equipment upgrades of existing pilger mills to increase efficiency and productivity. By replacing old, antiquated, mechanical gearboxes with 21st century technology, and introducing automated feed & turn systems, down time of existing mills can be reduced substantially. With the 5years of experience of Rajesh Thakor & Teem built into Ambar Steel Industries

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